Robert Silesius has a history in interaction and usability studies, which he now applies to the consumer product design he has found as his real passion. Having been creative and sketching his entire life, he is very sensitive to balance, curvature and flow, has a great attention to detail and always demands perfection from himself. He cares about the end user's needs, motivation and situation. He's been described as easy to work with.





2009- Master in vehicle design Royal College of Art

2007 Bachelor's degree in product design Kalmar University

 Degree project, "Mouseliner" Playsam

 Structure of Visual Relationship, advanced course Pratt Institute

2006 Structure of Visual Reationship, basic course Pratt Institute

2003 Informative illustration, advanced course Mälardalen University

 Informative illustration, basic course "

 Graphic design, basic course "

 Interaction design, advanced course "

1998 Nature and technical science year Mälardalen University

1997 Military service, airforce Secret location, Sweden

1996 Marketing and economy, high school Kungsängsskolan


2008 Product designer, developing new unannounced concepts and product ideas, trying to make the company evolve and get it to expand into new markets. Playsam


2008 Icon artist, drawing new and fresh images for the latest version of their OptiMaster application. Sensor Control



2007 Product and interface designer, developing user application interfaces with entirely custom and unique looks, specially tailored for each client. Addiva


2004 Interface designer, creating buttons, graphics and illustrations for the FlexPendant, a remote control for industrial robots, and various other software solutions. ABB Robotics


Structure of visual relationship