WHAT DOES THE NAME MEAN? It's the name of my company and it's a phonetic play on words. I started it so I could keep consulting despite relocating to Kalmar, a place in Sweden with a very beautiful dialect. As a tribute to that town and the dialect, I let the company name reflect how they would pronounce "Robert Design". They always leave the letter "r" out. You can try as well. Picture yourself pronouncing the "r" while trying to swallow an orange whole. Now you know how to speak småländska!

WHO IS BEHIND THIS SITE? My name is Robert Silesius and I'm a young freelance product designer from Sweden who listens to soul, funk and classical music, watches kung fu, action and sci-fi movies, reads thriller, fantasy and adventure books, doesn't watch much television except for the odd informative show, doesn't follow any sports but likes to practice Wing Chun and Boxercise. I have a soft spot for the 60's and the 80's. People I admire are Bruce Lee, Gene Roddenberry, old wise people, masters of crafts and anyone who dares to stand up or stand out. Finally, I hope that people won't ruin the planet.